Raspberry Pi Binary LED ClockRaspberry Pi binary LED clock

A 100% binary clock which shows the time using LEDs. It is controlled by the Raspberry Pi through 17 programmable GPIO pins.

The list of components, the hardware specification, connection diagrams and the driving software are all available.

Software: Raspberry Pi GPIO Control Center for the Raspberry Pi binary LED clock.


LED Cube8x8x8 LED cube

An Arduino-driven, multiplexed, single color 8x8x8 LED cube running 3D animations written in C++ code.

The current version of the code is available for download here.


Raspberry Pi based Wi-Fi enabled LED bulb controller

Raspberry Pi + Wi-Fi Bulb = Automated HouseA home lighting automation project which uses the Raspberry Pi to send messages to Wi-Fi enabled LED bulbs.


Software: Linux command line utility. The binaries and sources are available for download.